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A successful business strategy aligns five main business aspects.

  • Vision

  • Benefits of your product or service

  • Customer’s willingness to buy

  • Investors willingness to fund

  • Workers willingness to engage in getting the job done

It’s that simple, yet entirely difficult to do.    

For founders, creating a balanced strategy that reduces barriers to create this alignment is critical to a successful launch. If any aspect becomes too large of a barrier, the entire strategy fails. The size of the future opportunity must be refined down to a scale that allows for alignment. SKUBE works with founders to develop refined business strategies that deliver value to customers with simplicity, lowering funding requirements and decreasing workload volumes allowing for momentum to drive continued growth.

For executives of growing companies, misalignment creates stagnation and day to day fires that can cripple continued growth. Customer engagement may slow. Delivery issues can set in. Cash flow can become restrictive. Employee willingness to persevere through challenges can suffer. SKUBE works alongside executives to identify misalignment challenges and provide optimization strategies to stay focused or get back on track.

Services - Strategy

Successful leadership takes various forms in an organization;

  • Communicating vision

  • Setting the culture

  • Defining the mission

  • Owning Outcomes

  • Recruiting team members

  • Coaching performance

  • Self mastery

SKUBE takes various roles to ensure this leadership continuum is operating with effectiveness by;

  • Taking acting or interim leadership roles in client companies

  • Coaching current leadership teams

  • Recruiting for permanent placements

  • Providing permanent staffing solutions  

Services - Leadership

The art of making revenue generation a science begins with the empathetic understanding of the people in the targeted market. SKUBE works with business leaders to deeply detail these market defining personas. Strategies and development plans are then executed to manage the full width of revenue generating activities;

  • Branding

  • Marketing & Marketing Channels

  • Business Development and Critical Partnerships

  • Sales Strategy (Tactics)

  • Sales Strategy (Pipeline Management)

  • Sales Operations Support Requirements

Services - Revenue Generation

Organizational optimization ensures that;

  • Workers in your company stay connected to the mission 

  • Each department works in coordination with one another 

  • Time is not lost putting out fires 

  • The organization stays proactive toward achieving the mission 

From the very early stages of customer acquisition, through delivery and to the receipt of cash from the customer, there is a project-like pipeline that represents the engine of every company. This pipeline oriented perspective is the foundation for how SKUBE designs organizational structure and builds the technology that empowers your team. Throughout the pipeline that is your business we establish the four foundations of optimization.

  1. Clear Accountability

  2. The Right People

  3. Productive Practices

  4. Effective Technology to coordinate work

Starting with the CEO's objective of creating shareholder value via the company's mission, key results are broken down and accountability is delegated throughout the organization. 

With the right people in place and clear accountability delegated, day to day practices of continued improvement are deployed to ensure continued growth of each individual and the organization.

Activity coordinating technology (custom or semi-custom) is designed and deployed to ensure the efficient use of the team's time as well as urgent responses to priorities.

Services - Org Optimization


Financial Management is the foundation of all other business activities and ultimately defines success or failure of an organization. For many, the language of financial statements and financial process is foreign.

For founders, the creation of a baseline financial model can stall the progress of getting to market. However, this is a necessary requirement. Your financial model acts as the numeric version of your operational story.


SKUBE works with founders to create financial models that create clarity and confidence in the overall business model. We provide financial feasibility feedback to founders and assist in the development of successful business models based on sound financial models. Additionally we work with founders to secure funding and manage relationships with investors.

For executives of growing companies, financial management can become a frustrating source of dissonance. 

  • Cash flow requirements become more demanding 

  • Financial reporting becomes disconnected from management's belief of true performance

  • Accounting staffing expense becomes bloated 

  • Executives are left under supported in making significant business decisions 


SKUBE works with growing companies to ensure that your financial controls and processes are growing along with your company to provide the financial; reporting, projections and strategy required to drive performance in your company. More than reporting the historic financial transaction, SKUBE’s financial and operational reporting is designed to deliver company wide performance based KPIs that lead to a healthy bottom line. Hybrid teams of onshore and offshore staffing can be provided to supplement or grow your team. Our team provides a full spectrum of internal financial and accounting services. 

  • GAAP processes and reporting

  • System implementation and integration

  • Investor/creditor/banking relationship management

  • Treasury and cash control improvements

  • Financial strategy advisory support

  • General ledger management and oversight

  • Posting of daily financial transactions 

Services - Fin Man
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